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Choose Your Favorite Style

The latest curtains are launched almost every month, cloth strips and samples displayed in the store are regularly updated.

In addition to adding new solid wood blinds, we have also introduced top-notch window decoration products to make your home environment ever-changing. As long as you speak up, we will help you to match the most suitable products and provide complete and delicate home design services.



Roller blinds, panma blinds, venetian blinds,
Vertical blinds, soft gauze blinds, wooden venetian blinds



Blackout curtains, gauze curtains, woven fabric curtains,
Printed curtains, velvet curtains, silk curtains,
Net color curtain, children's curtain


Blackout Curtains

The most common type of curtain is traditional cloth curtain, which is generally used in living rooms, rooms and other places, and most of them are in the form of left and right sides. Cloth curtains have perfect thickness, mature turners, various patterns and colors. Sometimes they can be matched layer by layer through different fabric thicknesses to create a layered beauty. They can be absolutely indispensable as home decorations. In addition, if you choose a thick fabric, it has more shading and cold-proof effects than ordinary curtains.


​Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds use a vertical or horizontal arrangement of window leaves. The blinds have neat and simple lines, and they have an open and closed design. You can fine-tune the light and shadow, and the materials of the blinds are very changeable. They are available in solid wood, glass, aluminum, plastic... The circular design can be adjusted, so for those who like changes in light and shadow, blinds are definitely your best choice.


Organ Curtain/
Honeycomb Curtain

The fabric material is made into a hollow hexagonal cylindrical structure design similar to an organ/honeycomb shape, which is a type of curtain that can be moved up and down. This type of curtain is mainly able to maintain the indoor temperature and fully shade the light. It was first used to withstand the severe cold weather in North America. The most important thing is that you can freely adjust the location you want to cover without restricting the storage area!


Roller Blinds/
Dimming Blinds/
Zebra Blinds

Roller blinds/dimmable blinds/zebra blinds have little difference in their characteristics. They are mainly custom-made by combining two types of curtains and window screens. With the side zipper design of roller blinds, it is not only convenient but also has better dimming performance and simple lines. Restricted, the way of light deployment can be chosen by yourself, and it is usually used in studies, studios, offices.


Thread Curtain/
Shaft Curtain/
Soft Gauze

The thread curtain has the same characteristics as the gauze curtain. It is a type of curtain made of a single thread or yarn. The finished product is light and elegant. Therefore, many people will use it with traditional cloth curtains. It can show light during the day, but it makes the outside unable to see the inside scene, creating a hazy visual effect, which is private and romantic.


Any Thoughts?


The most complete range of curtains, including cloth curtains, gauze curtains, roller shutters, dimming curtains, organ curtains, jalousie curtains and soft gauze curtains, a variety of styles will definitely let you to choose the most suitable curtain type, and provide free on-site measurement, satisfaction Re-implement, tailor-made for you the most ideal and environmental curtain design!

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