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Curtain Maintenance

Make your curtains and blinds durable


Maintenance Method


As an important part of home decoration, curtains not only protect privacy and adjust light, but also exquisite; curtains can make the home warmer, more fashionable and romantic. But, how often do you clean your curtains? Do you know how to clean and maintain it?

How often do the curtains be washed?

Many people wash the curtains only once a year or two. In fact, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause respiratory diseases, and the dust on the curtains will float into the indoor air when you open or close the curtains. The curtains at home should also be washed at least once every six months, preferably every two to three months.


Find an expert to dry the curtains

Hand-washing the whole curtain is heavy and not totally clean. It is easier to use dry cleaning service, and it can deeply eliminate dust mites and other allergens! We provide door-to-door dry cleaning services. Professional fabric cleaning machines imported from Europe can completely remove stains at high temperatures, killing 99.99% of bacteria. It is healthy and environmentally friendly with no chemical. cleaners.

Cleaning Steps

Disassemble the curtains

When removing the curtain, a vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dust on the surface of the curtain. Disassemble the periphery and take out the curtain fabric carefully.

Curtain Soaking

Soak the curtains in warm water for a period of time. Choose a detergent according to the fabric of the curtain. 

Curtain Washing

The washing process of curtains should be based on the different fabrics of the curtains, and choose specific cleaning method.

Curtain Drying

Choose a ventilated and cool place for drying, so that the curtains can dry by themselves. Because curtain fabrics are very easy to decolorize if they are exposed to the sun for a long time after washing.

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